Small or Large Storage Units?

Perfect Storage offers flexibility when it comes to the size of the storage unit you require. All of our units are a standard size, which is 35 sq. feet, 250 cubic feet volume, as per the image.

We find that if you require a small storage space, one or two of our units will suffice. These are big enough to fit most things, but small enough that you will not be overpaying as if you had hired a room too big at a self-storage facility. If you need a large storage unit, we can provide multiple units.

How to cost your storage units?

The price of our units depends on the amount of storage required. However, one key difference versus self-storage options is we price based on cubic feet, which we believe gives you a more accurate idea of what can be stored. Self-storage options usually price on square feet, which does not consider the height of the room. Perfect Storage will help you decide how many units you need for your requirements. We do this accurately and we do not try to upsell.

  • Only pay for the space you need
  • Our units are perfect for small or large storage requirements
  • Cheap alternative to self-storage

Perfect Storage can also remove and store your office equipment to ensure the least possible disruption to your business. Like self-storage, you will still be able to access your items, but it will need to be arranged in advance.

Short Term Storage Versus Long Term Storage
What You Need to Know

Perfect Storage is as helpful as possible to customers looking for various durations. This short guide provides all the information you need to make the best choice and shows why Perfect Storage is a better alternative to self-storage.

Does it cost less per month if I commit to long term storage?

Perfect Storage is the same monthly cost, whether you store your items for a month, or a year. Our storage is generally much cheaper than self-storage options, sometimes as much as half price.

Free removal into storage option for local removals

We always aim to make our services good value for money. What we can offer to help with costs is a free removal into storage based on a minimum store of 6 months and only up to 250 cubic feet of space. We can also provide blankets and sofa/mattress bags to be used free of charge.

We will still charge to move you back out of storage. Please speak to one of our team for more details.

Regardless of the duration of your store, Perfect Storage upholds the highest standards and your items will be kept safe and secure.

  • Only pay for the space you need
  • Safe and secure units with CCTV, alarms and security
  • Cheap alternative to self-storage

How to Choose a Storage Unit or a Storage Company

There is lots to consider when choosing a storage unit. This guide will take you step-by-step through the different considerations and questions you should ask before you store your belongings.

How often will you need to access your belongings?

This is an important one and will make a big difference to your costs. If you will need to access your belongings regularly and you will not always know in advance when you will need to access it, then you might need to opt for a self-storage option, something Perfect Storage does not offer. However, self-storage can cost as much as double our service, so if you know when you need to access your goods or if you do not need to access them, you should consider using regular storage, rather than self-storage.

Be aware of the difference between cubic feet and square feet

It’s important to understand the cubic feet of your storage unit because this takes into account the height of the room as well as the floor space. If you are speaking to a storage company and they price in square feet make sure you always ask what the height of the room is, this will help you determine how much you can actually fit in and whether you can stack it. Here at Perfect Storage you can speak to our team for honest advice about what can fit in our units.

Indoor versus outdoor storage

You will find that storage options vary and it’s important to understand what is best for your needs. Generally, outdoor units are cheaper and you can get more space for your money. That said, here at Perfect Storage we only operate indoor storage for the following reasons:

  • Indoor storage is cooler and dryer
  • Indoor storage has more robust security
  • Indoor storage is better protected from the elements
  • Our indoor storage units are easy to access with one week’s notice

Fully understand your contract and what is and is not included

One of the most important things we stress to our customers is there will be a cost if you want us to remove your storage items to a new address. Whatever storage service you opt for you should ensure you are fully aware of the following:

  • Is a move out of the unit an extra cost or included?
  • Is there a minimum contact length?
  • Is there an access charge?
  • Is there a cost to remove items into storage?

If you have any questions about our service please do contact one of our team here

How much should a storage unit cost?

When you are comparing the prices of storage units you should definitely consider the size of the unit in cubic feet. Because you generally pay per unit, cubic feet give you a more accurate picture of the number of units you will need.

In terms of weekly costs, our prices start from £10.00 plus VAT per week.

How to Store a Mattress

When a customer chooses to place their items into storage it is reasonable to assume, they will want to use the items again in the future. This short guide will help you pack your mattress to ensure it is still is great condition when you start using it again.

Clean it prior to entry into storage

Leaving the mattress in an unclean state before storage is going to cause issues as it is stored. Stains may become permanent and moulds and fungus can grow. In order to tackle this, consider cleaning with the following:

  • Steam clean the mattress
  • Vacuum both sides of the mattress
  • Use upholstery cleaner which will kill moulds and fungus

Keep your mattress clean during moving and storage

Tightly and efficiently wrapping your mattress before it goes into storage will keep it dry and clean during transport and can also stop the development of moulds. We strongly recommend against loose covers or no covers when storing.

As mentioned above, thoroughly clean your mattress before you store it. Also thoroughly clean it once you take it back out of storage.

Use deodorizing spray or baking soda to freshen up your mattress

Before and after you put your mattress into storage, use deodorizing spray of baking soda to neutralize any odours and leave the mattress in a well ventilated space to air out before storing and before using again. Taking this approach will keep your mattress fresh and ready for use after your store.

Look for dry, cool storage

In order to avoid the development of fungus or mould, we advise you look for a storage unit with dry and cool temperatures. Here at Perfect Storage all our units are indoors and subsequently protected from damp and kept in cool conditions.

Keep your mattress flat

Finally, speak to your storage company about how your mattress will be stored. Most mattresses can be stored up right on their edge, but in very rare cases we may be requested to store a mattress flat because of its build quality. In either case, no items should be piled on it, as this can cause irreparable damage to the springiness of your mattress. Our team at Perfect Storage will work with you to plan your store to ensure this does not happen.

How to Store Furniture

Does furniture get ruined in storage?

You have spent money buying your furniture, so it’s important to keep it in the best possible condition. We recommend that you check your goods to make sure there is no mould present or moisture prior to them being moved into storage. This guide will talk through the best ways to keep your furniture in tip top condition and stored to avoid damage or degradation.

General processes

In general, there’s three key steps to storing your furniture

1 Take everything apart - Where possible, take everything apart. This will ensure that you are able to clean everything more thoroughly and it will save you space and ultimately money in your store.

2 Clean everything - It’s important to clean everything as throughly as possible before it goes into storage. This includes steaming upholstery and fabrics to avoid any stains becoming permanent.

3 Tightly wrap any furniture fabrics and wood - In order to protect your items from mould or fungus, you should wrap them securely to stop any damp getting in. Use cloth sheets and blankets to protect your wooden furniture, this will stop dust and moisture. For any fabrics, including sofas, use bubble-wrap or plastic, this will add proctection from bugs, moulds and fungus. Leather beds and sofa suites will need to wrapped in a breathable covering, if wrapping in plastic it important to leave a few gaps or holes in the plastic.

Storing considerations

Once you have prepared your items, it’s important to ensure they are stored correctly. We recommend using indoor, dry storage units like ours. Your items will be at risk from damp so it is best to store them indoors. We also have the following recommendations:

Glass storage

If you want to avoid fragile items breaking you should wrap well and use bubble wrap to protect fragile items. You should use several layers of bubble wrap and clearly communicate with the storage provider which items require careful storage when planning where to place items.

How do you store a sofa?

Sofas are a tricky item to store due to their shape and the fact they are usually in “one piece”. They also usually have fabric or leather, which is important to protect. If you have a modular sofa, we do recommend taking it apart and wrapping it separately. You should consider the following steps to protect your sofa:

1 - Treat and clean the fabric and leather before you store
2 - Wrap your sofa and do not use plastic shrink wrap because this can trap moisture in
3 - Wrap it in blankets to allow it to breathe whilst in storage
4 - Do not place items on top of your sofa when you store it
5 - Try to store the sofa in the correct position. Where this is not possible, sofas can be stored on their edges, on the flattest strongest side. We also recommend using some soft padding underneath to eliminate any crushing of fabric/leather.

How to store clothes

There’s a lot to consider when storing clothes, especially for a long period of time. This short guide will give you the information you need to make sure your clothes stay fresh and in great condition for when you take them back out of storage.

Make sure you clean and iron your clothes before placing them into storage

You also need to make sure they are completely dry before you pack them, which sounds obvious, but even the slightest bit of damp can ruin clothes. Make sure you prepare them at least a couple of days before you pack them. If you fail to clean them, even small stains can become permant and bacteria on the clothes will multiply and ruin them over time.

Decide what is most important, space or the quality of your clothes

If you use airtight bags or you vacuum pack, it will not allow the clothes to breathe and may cause damage to the fabric. Having said that, you will save a lot of space and this may be OK for a short store.

Store the clothes in wardrobe boxes and use cedar or moth balls

Metal hangers will run the risk of rusting, so it’s best to use plastic hangers. Some wardrobe boxes have in-build hanging racks, so you can stack them easily and still fit quite a few items in.

Don’t fold or roll the clothes for a long store

It is likely if you do not store them hanging you will struggle to get the items back into their original shape and some creases may never come out.

Use indoor storage to ensure a dry and cool environment

It’s important the environment you store your clothes in is dry, any damp will ruin them over time. Perfect Storage uses indoor storage units that will ensure your clothes are safely kept dry.

What our customers say

  • The Perfect Group live up to their name The Perfect Group live up to their name in customer service! I recently used them to hire furniture for my elderly parents whilst they relocated. Sarah in the office was simply delightful, caring and helpful. The delivery and collection teams were punctual, efficient, polite and friendly. Having recently moved house and immigrated, I've had my fair share of removals company experience lately, but the Perfect Group exceeded even my best expectations.
    Louise Cunningham

  • The Perfect Goup were used at very…short notice The Perfect Goup were used at very short notice to move a disabled family member from a flooded flat to temportary accommodation. The team that arrived could not do enough, They were the thoughtful and respectful of my cousin. Due to disablitys change is very difficult for her and they helped make the move as stressless as they could. They have impressed my Mum and Aunt so much ( they were also there to help) that my Mums upcoming move she has requested that i arrage yourselves to move her. Thank you is not enough.
    Julie Oatham-Smith

  • Excellent all round experience. Excellent all round experience. Efficient, polite communication with office staff. Very pleased with delivery and unloading team. Steve and Danilo were both very polite, obliging and extremely hard working. We would highly recommend Perfect Group.
    Rosemary Cassoni

  • Perfect by name…. And nature Wow - fantastic removers, couldn’t do enough for us on the day - great communication and Sarah in the office was an absolutely star. Would 100% use again.
    Tom Stephens

  • Recommend!!! From start to finish a very… From start to finish a very professional service. Sarah was very helpful and friendly in office. The removals men were very helpful and nothing was too much trouble. Would definitely recommend and use again in the future. Thank you.
    Julie Devereux

  • Super team of removers Super team of removers - efficient and very keen to do a good job. Highly recommended.

  • Excellent service, kind and caring people The communication and planning was excellent, in addition to a very kind and caring attitude, thank you Samantha. On the day the chaps couldn't have been more helpful and careful, no job too much. Thank you all for your help in what has been a very stressful time

  • Professional Services! Happy! I had a great experience with moving my stuff including furniture to another apartment. The communication related to my move were done on time and with good clarity. The team on ground was very professional and took care to pack items into boxes based on their condition. Fragile items were packed with wrapping paper and boxes were not stuffed up to reduce work, which was good in my opinion. My move was smooth and I would recommend anyone using their services in future.
    VK Singh

  • They really are Perfect!! When you call yourself the perfect group that’s a huge name to live up to… by wow did they!! We had the best experience with Connor and his team. Polite, efficient and totally made us feel at ease. Moving from a four bed town house was no mean feat but we were out of our old house by 12:30 and in the new one by 15:00. Nothing was too much trouble for this team and we can’t thank you enough for the piece of mind! Thank you Perfect… a name well lived up to.
    Sarah Cornish

  • The ‘Perfect’ Experience The experience of using Perfect Group to move house was ‘perfect’ from the start. The initial consultation call was helpful, the price was competitive and the communication was good. The removals team, Marc, Kat & Zoltan, were superb and we could not have asked for more. They were efficient, understanding and flexible - we truly felt that they wanted to make it the best experience possible for us and our small children. Would 100% recommend Perfect Group to anyone needing a packing and removals company, and will definitely use them again if we decide to move!